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Talking to Your Doctor

During your appointment with the doctor, be sure to talk about your experiences and not just about how they make you feel. Think about how your experiences affect you while you’re at your job, at home, and in social situations.

Only a health care professional can accurately diagnose ADHD. 

Starting the Conversation

Your doctor’s appointment is your chance to discuss any concerns you may have about ADHD with a health care professional. Open and honest communication is key.

2_2_Conversation_Tip1 2_2_Conversation_Tip1

TIP 1:

Think of any questions you may have ahead of time. Write them down and bring them with you.

2_2_Conversation_Tip2 2_2_Conversation_Tip2

TIP 2:

Describe what you’re experiencing rather than how you’re feeling about these experiences. Your doctor will evaluate your behaviors to help determine if they fit the ADHD diagnosis criteria.

2_2_Conversation_Tip3 2_2_Conversation_Tip3

TIP 3:

Use the Symptom Checklist to help guide your conversation.

2_2_Conversation_Tip4 2_2_Conversation_Tip4

TIP 4:

Don’t leave the appointment until you understand your doctor’s recommended next steps.

2_2_Conversation_Tip5 2_2_Conversation_Tip5

TIP 5:

Check back in with your doctor to share how you’re doing and discuss if anything has changed.